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4 fundamentals of conscious business

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These are the 4 Fundamentals of a Conscious Business:



Elevating humanity through business begins with knowing why your company exists. Without this, you have no compass to find and stay focused on your True North. Businesses should exist for reasons beyond just making a profit. We see profit as a necessary means to achieving your purpose—not as an end in and of itself.



To achieve your purpose, it is essential to value and care for EVERYONE who touches your business. This includes your employees, customers, suppliers, partners, investors, community, environment, and sometimes even your competition. Motivate all stakeholders by creating “win-win-win” outcomes for everyone impacted by your business decisions.



Conscious businesses cannot exist without conscious leaders. These courageous, pioneering men and women understand that their role is to serve the purpose of the business, to support its people and to create value for all stakeholders. They intentionally cultivate a conscious culture of trust and care, rejecting a zero-sum view of business and seeking creative, synergistic solutions.



The culture of your business is its heartbeat. Without a healthy one, the business will not thrive. Cultures are as unique as the people who comprise them, but commonalities of a conscious culture include trust, authenticity, caring, transparency, integrity, learning, and empowerment. How’s that for a great place to work?


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