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The Conscious Business Activator as been developed under the philosophy of the fundamentals of conscious capitalism, and the 5 of us listed here are just the tip of the iceberg of potential team of contributors to accelerate the upgrade of organizations towards building a more conscious business ecosystem. Please reach out to us if you need mentoring, a talk, a private session or a team facilitation.

Thomas Eckschmidt
Consultant, Author, Speaker & 
Co-founder of CC Brazil and Peru
Amy Powell
Consultant, Coach & CC Portland Chapter Leader
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Thomas Eckschmidt is co-founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement in Brazil, a successful 10 award-winning entrepreneur, founder of a Certified B Corporations, and co-author of the Conscious Capitalism Field Guide (Harvard Business Press 2018) and Fundamentos do Capitalismo Consciente (Editora Voo 2016). His TEDx Talk on Conscious Capitalism has reached over 400k viewers so far. Trusted advisor and professional board member.


Thomas runs a successful Conscious Capitalist Certification program with over 800 certified professionals in 20 countries. 

Thomas is the founder of CBJourney, an organization that helps businesses implement the principles of Conscious Capitalism from their strategies to their daily operations. He is also a local partner with The Purpose Institute in Brazil and Stagen Leadership Academy

Steve Havill
Coach, Conscious Catalyst &
Bay Area CC Chapter Leader
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  • Facebook - Bay Area Chapter

Steve is a purposeful performance coach, new economy guide and champion of the human spirit. ConsciaVentures serves business leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations as a venture catalyst. He works with his clients to clarify and express their unique purpose in how they live, work and play, creating high leverage, high impact results and amplifying personal and professional fulfillment.


Steve is best known for his eclectic suite of forward-thinking best practices and for his heart-based servant leadership style. He activates change agents and delivers sustainable, on purpose results. He’s the Board Chairman for the Bay Area Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and an active contributor, thought leader and connector within the conscious business ecosystem.

Glenn F. Meier
Conscious Law &
Las Vegas CC Chapter Leader
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Amy Powell is co-founder and Board Chair of Conscious Capitalism Portland. Prior to that, she was the co-founder of Conscious Capitalism’s Australia Chapter, which was the first group to be given full chapter status in 2012.  

Amy works with businesses to achieve measurable breakthroughs in culture; drawing upon Conscious Capitalism principles in her work, and using the Barrett Culture Transformation Tools to support and measure progress. 

Amy is a Partner-Trainer with the Barrett Values Centre, and  certifies others to become Barrett Consultant Practitioners.

She also coaches senior leaders in organizations, working closely with them as they make the transition from traditional leadership approaches to new ways of leading:  Leadership that’s centered around purpose, with love and care for customers, teams, and external stakeholders, reaping the rich rewards that come from creating a conscious culture.

DJ King
Culture Queen at King & Company 
San Diego CC Chapter Leader
  • LinkedIn - DJ King

DJ King is a founding board member of Conscious Capitalism San Diego. She served on the board for four years, two of them as President,  and is currently an Advisor to the team.


Her work is closely aligned with the principles of Conscious Capitalism. As Culture Queen of King & Company, she helps servant leaders create and sustain conscious cultures where both the company and the people evolve and thrive.


She provides a framework for companies to fully activate their values: putting them to work, every day, throughout the entire organization, and ensuring the culture is woven through all the systems and processes that impact the people.

She is enthusiastic about the potential of the Activator as a tool to help chapter leaders around the globe take clear, positive action to implement Conscious Capitalism in their communities.

CC Chapter Leaders & 
  • LinkedIn - Glenn F Meier
  • Facebook - Glenn F Meier

Glenn Meier is an lawyer and shareholder with the Nevada firm Holly, Driggs, Walch. Glenn focuses his practice on general business advice and legal counsel for companies that are looking to pursue a conscious approach to business. Glenn sees himself as a “relationship engineer” aiding his clients in designing, building and maintaining strong relationships with their stakeholders. In carrying out this mission, Glenn employs cutting edge, collaboratively based legal tools like Conscious Contracts and Collaborative Law.

Glenn is passionate about Conscious Capitalism and believes the growth of the movement has the power to draw divided people together. Glenn focused this passion into founding the Las Vegas chapter of Conscious Capitalism and is presently working on building the community of Conscious Capitalists through Southern Nevada.

Special recognition goes to the core group of community leaders that came together originally to explore a certification program with CCI. The result of that effort was agreement that the first priority was to teach people how to fish. The outcome was the Activator, a “getting started” tool to guide the community in understanding how to put these ideas into action right away, regardless of previous exposure to, or awareness of, the 4 tenets of Conscious Capitalism.

Much appreciation goes to these amazing community leaders who served as great thought activators for this project.

CCI Champions and Ambassadors:

- Jess Peabody, Community Director, CCI (previous)

- Alexander McCobin, CEO CCI

- Cristina Muñoz, Community Engagement Lead, CCI

Chapter Champions and Initial Activators:

- Lisa Weaver (CC Dallas)

- Tom Brady (CC Rochester NY)

- Diane Janovsky (CC Arizona)

- Lee Capps (CC Chicago)

- Scott McIntosh (CC Arizona)

- Thea Durfee Polancic (CC Chicago)



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