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Conscious Business Journey Activation
Evolutionary Purpose

This is quick reference video for the Fundamental "Evolutionary Purpose" of the Philosophy of Conscious Business and Conscious Capitalism recorded by Thomas Eckschmidt, coauthor of Conscious Capitalism Field Guide (Harvard) and Cofounder of Conscious Business Journey Ecosystem

"Our Purpose is to accelerate the UPGRADE of Leaders and their Organizations

to create a more conscious business ecosystem.

Our Activation Journey is based on the Fundamentals of Conscious Business, a natural evolution of what has been published on  the Conscious Capitalism Field Guide (Harvard). Our intention is to keep up with other authors and have a broader alignment with the changes being promoter through other authors and movements around the world.

  • Evolutionary Purpose emerged from Frederic Laloux’s work “Reinventing Organization”.

COnscious Business Journey Activation Thomas Eckschmidt.png

Introducción al Fundamento del Propósito Evolutivo para el Assessment de Conscious Business Journey Activation en Español (1'57")

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